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Thank you for your interest in Foundations, LLC!

Here at Foundations we are committed to faithfully serving you, your family, the North Pole/ Fairbanks/ Fairbanks North Star Borough Community, and the beautiful state of Alaska. We use the principles of ethical, moral, and spiritual excellence to serve the community and the needs of individuals and families.

Whether you need psychological assistance with legal issues, help with your personal or family struggles, or support in your spiritual growth, at Foundations we are here to serve. Some of our services include but are not limited to:

-Individual and Family Counseling / Psychotherapy

-A wide variety of Evaluations and Assessments including

     --Parenting Evaluations

     --Disability Evaluations

     --IQ Testing

     --Behavioral Assessments

-Forensic Psychology

     --Criminal and Civil Evaluations

We aspire to provide the highest quality services in all areas of our expertise, whether the need is for forensic services or for psychotherapy/counseling. We use the most current and researched methods and techniques in all of our services. We invite you to call us to explore the many ways we may assist you. Thank you for visiting today!

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