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Forensic Psychology and Psychotherapy Services

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Forensic Assessment

Forensic assessment services are provided by Nina E. Wendt, Ph.D., Psychologist.  She specializes in competency to proceed, criminal responsibility, risk assessment, psychosexual, violence, parenting, child custody, child protection, disability, and personal injury evaluations. She provides services in both criminal and civil cases for adults and adolescents. 

Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Wendt also provides personality, intelligence, and cognitive testing, as well as neuro-cognitive screening for adults, adolescents, and children. A wide variety of issues are evaluated including depression, anxiety, and learning disorders.


Psychotherapy is provided for adults, adolescents, children (8 years old and older), couples, and families primarily by Mr. Ruger. Dr. Wendt may accept therapy clients as her availability allows.  Areas of expertise include Post-traumatic Stress Disorder for childhood and adult traumas, cognitive-processing and cognitive behavioral therapy for depression and anxiety disorders, sexual issues, long-standing personality disorders, and dissociative disorders.